March 23, 2010

Outstation day 3

This was the last day at Johor. Early morning we went to have breakfast then started to work again.
We need to have a sea trial for the vessel before she started sail out from Johor.
The same things we did like day 2, we walked out to the sea to reach the speed boat.
You can see how it looks(like fisherman)

when it is low tide, the bay is very dry with broken seashell everywhere, really can hurt people easily,
but the 3rd day we din wore slippers anymore. Chua borrowed us his boots.

When the sea trial was going on we closely passed by an oil rig.

This was something funny here after we done the sea trial, when we were leaving the port which my company vessel stopped by, we met a "kampung" of Cow brothers. haha.. they blocked our way of leaving. Chua try to horn them, but they were like turned back and look at us. And trying to say "cari gaduh kah?" haha.. but lastly we made it to make them give way.

I got a flight to fly back Miri in the evening, Chua brought us to a Bak Kut Teh shop at Johor to have lunch.
It was really nice. Cant forget the taste. Cant make it to take photo, cause i was too hungry. haha..

I like to see the sky when i am in the plane(the creation of god) it can be a little yellow or orange with my favorite blue in the evening. 

March 22, 2010

Outstation day 2

Had a bad bad night and onli slept about 5am then have to wake at 6.30am.
Uncle Peng advice me to wear short pants and slippers as it was low tide in the morning and we have to walk out to the beach to reach the speed boat. But i didnt bring any slippers.
Luckily i managed to bought a cheap one after had our breakfast(Laksa).
From the hotel to Chua's(the transportation agent) house is about 30 mins drive. The place is really like a village. It is like some place very special and i really never been to.

(click to enlarge)
View from the village to the sea(Singapore is just apposite :D)

The house there are sticking to each others and wif a narrow road to connect them.

We walked 10 mins out to the beach to reach the speed boat. The sand is full of broken seashell. And will easily hurt people's leg as we wore slippers onli. Luckily i din get hurt when i reached the speed boat. But uncle peng did get cut by the broken shell.

heading to my company vessel
the propeller repairing was in progress when i arrived

March 21, 2010

Outstation day 1

Afternoon flight from Miri to Sibu and transit to Johor. While 5 hours in Sibu waiting for transit, decided to have tea with uncle Peng's(a mechanic going wif me) Sibu fren at nearby shop house(Sibu Jaya).
Back to airport 3 hours before departure, wait for another 1 hour to check in.
After check in, we went out to have tea again wif Dan(a crew of the vessel which i m going to).
When we walked into the departure hall, it was full of people and only limited sit available.
Hardly wait for another half  hours and finally departed from Sibu.
From the plane I can see Singapore which i never been to(sound like kampung boy, right? I admit :D). Wao! the night view of Singapore from the sky is like candles everywhere. But i cant make it to get a shot.
Reached Senai Airport and Mr Chuan(my company transportation agent at Johor) brought us to Sg Rengit which is about 2 hours drive from Senai Airport. On the way to Sg Rengit we stopped at a restaurant and ate our dinner. The food is nice! haha.. :D
Reached hotel bout 11pm something. Had a bath and quickly lie on the bed to sleep.
Although i m feeling really tired, but i cant make it to sleep. Uncle Peng and Dan snoring like two noisy old type engine beside me.Really had a bad bad night.

Photo of the day:
MASWINGS so high tech now. Safety briefing use LCD to show!! 

Bad luck keep coming!

Another 3 hours i m going to depart to Johor.
Tot of bringing a camera there to shoot some nice scene, but it is impossible to bring my D300s without lens.
Then i borrow the 1st compact Digital camera of my family (NIKON Coolpix 7900) from my mom.
Happy that she approved. But then when i try to have some shoot of it. I found tat the display screen got a bit "senget" so i try to use my hand to push it back BUT it broke! Maybe i pushed it too hard already.
The onli camera for my family and the onli camera i can bring to Johor now "boil soup" already.

Wonder why the bad luck keep coming to me, once i touch camera, something bad will happen.

Mood so down now! Haih.... Wonder how will be the trip.